Mountain Activity Weekend – Drake Explorers

From Thursday 25th October to Sunday 28th October, 19 Explorer Scouts and 3 Scout Network from across Crawley District were hosted by Drake Explorers at their annual mountain activity weekend staying at a bunk house in Cynwyd, North Wales.

Participants spent 3 days walking in the mountains, including Snowdon (the highest peak in North Wales) and rock climbing which was provided by two West Sussex Scout Instructors (Sean and Tim).  A selection of photos from the weekend are available below.

Harrisons Rocks – First Outdoor Climbing Session of the Season

On Wednesday 9th May, a few of us ventured over to Harrison’s Rocks for the first outdoor climbing session of the season. As the long days haven’t arrived yet, Tim made sure he was well prepared with a large battery powered floodlight so we could continue climbing into the night. Although it lit up the climb and climber well from below, actually working out what was a actual handhold and foothold vs what was a shadow proved a challenge!

Here are a few photos of the evening:

CWR Launch

Thanks to those who turned up for the Climb When Ready launch at 2nd Ifields HQ on Wednesday 14th Feb. A selection of photos can be viewed below.

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